Good News Alert: Plaquemine Lock Are Doing Lunch

Plaquemine Lock’s Lunch Menu

Leaving something incomplete can be frustr

And no restaurant feels truly whole until they start doing lunch. Which is why Plaquemine Lock have wisely decided to extend their opening hours to include the midday meal.

Plaquemine Lock's lunch menu

Spurred on by the restaurant’s stellar reviews (it comes to us from the chef behind Bocca Di Lupo, after all) and the booking frenzy that accompanied them, they’ve decided to extend their hours to include lunch. Which is good, because one of their main offerings: the po’boy sandwich, which come with the likes of slow-roast beef; fried shrimp; blackened chicken; chilled shrimp remoulade; and the king of them all – the Peacemaker, made with fried oysters and bacon.

You won’t want to leave that unfinished.

NOTE: Plaquemine Lock’s lunch menu is available now – find out more at their website HERE.

Plaquemine Lock | 139 Graham Street, N1 8LB

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Plaquemine Lock

139 Graham Street, Islington, Islington, N1 8LB
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