Sunday roast at The Belrose | A gastro with all the trimmings

Sunday Roasts At The Belrose

Sunday Roasts At The Belrose

Sunday roast at The Belrose | A gastro with all the trimmings

Despite being quite a recent pub (opened in 2018) that’s given to contemporary Italian leanings on its menu, there’s something very British, old-fashioned, and deeply comforting about The Belrose. And it’s this beautiful symmetry of new & old that seems to make the place tick.

You’ll find it in Belsize Park, where it sits proudly atop Haverstock Hill and enjoys a lovely view. And there’s even a lovely little south-facing garden, too. Inside, old-fashioned wooden fittings are complimented by the slightly more modern vibes of bright blue & orange paintwork, and marble-topped tables.

And on a Sunday? They’ve got a glorious roast.

The Belrose

You can choose between the classic ribeye of beef, chicken, or a nut roast. It’ll come on a mottled plate escorted by a balloon-like Yorkshire pudding, some white onion cream, and a scattering of potatoes that are like little fluffy clouds coated in pure crispiness itself. Maintaining a safe distance in their own side-bowl are the vegetables (peas, Chantenay carrots, braised red cabbage) and a hot skillet of herbed cauliflower cheese. And to literally top it all off, there’s bottomless gravy, too.

This being a pub, there’s obviously not a shortage of decent drinks, and aside from the well-curated wine list and the two dozen bottled craft beers, there’s also an on-site microbrewery making its own barley pop a few yards from where you’ll drink it – the Belrose Pale Ale.

And afterwards? Best retire to that garden.

NOTE: The Belrose Sunday lunch is available every Sunday for £18. You can make a booking and find out more at their website right HERE.

The Belrose | 94 Haverstock Hill, NW3 2BD

Image credits: Charlie McKay

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Sunday Roasts At The Belrose

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