This Cult, Underground Supper Club Is Becoming Permanent

Sūpa Ya Ramen | ‘Traditionally Inauthentic’ Ramen In Hackney

There’s nothing more soul-nourishing than a big bowl of soupy noodles.

Can I get a ramen?

Especially if they’re coming to you courtesy of ex NOPI and Berber & Q chef Luke Findlay who decided to set up the now cult underground supper club Sūpa Ya Ramen in his very own home.

That was quite a while back now, and quickly led on to a whole load of further sell-out pop-ups, collabs, and take-overs. However, finally Findlay has decided to give the people what they’ve clearly always wanted…

…a permanent supply of top-notch noods.

So he’s decided to open a permanent site on Hackney Road. It’s an intimate little place – around 10-15 covers, so not worlds away from the supper clubs, which is nice.

Sūpa Ya Ramen

Food-wise he’s calling it ‘traditionally inauthentic’ ramen, which, in other words means ramen with an often bold and unexpected Findlay spin. There will be three permanent options, and a weekly special, which – note to the super fans out there – have never been served before.

They’re soup-er.


NOTE: Sūpa Ya Ramen had just opened when lockdown set in. We’ll be back with the full scoop once it’s up and running again.

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