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Support The Disappearing Dining Club | The Dartmouth Arms Reopening Fund

The Disappearing Dining Club are behind some of the city’s most wonderful supperclubs, parties and shindigs, as well as beautiful Gospel Oak pub, The Dartmouth Arms.

And now, they need a little help to make sure they can reappear.

Unable to either host their famous knees-ups or welcome locals into their cosy, candlelit tavern, they’ve been hit hard by the pandemic. So, like many other bars and restaurants, they’re asking for your support to help them survive this difficult period and get back to making life in London so varied and special, as soon as they can.

disappearing dining club

At the risk of sounding overly sentimental, the DDC team put on events where people from all walks of life come together from across London and get to know each other over good food and drink. And it’s exactly this sense of community that we’re going to crave most when life begins to get back to normal, whether it’s rubbing shoulders with neighbours and friends in your local, or the thrill of sparking new connections across a supperclub table. So we can’t think of a better independent business to support right now.

So what kind of help are they looking for? Firstly, you can consider donating to The Dartmouth Arms Reopening Fund. Some banks are apparently experiencing ten times as many calls as usual, meaning that even with the new government schemes many small businesses are struggling to get the loans they need in time. So any money you can chuck into the Dartmouth Arms kitty will go directly into supporting their staff and ensuring that the pub can come back with a bang as soon as social distancing’s relaxed. In return, you’ll receive a voucher (or you can send one to a friend) that you can spend in the pub to celebrate the return of normal life. They’ll also be donating 10% of the total funds raised to the Cavell Nurses Trust, who support working and retired NHS nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants.

disappearing dining club

Not a North Londoner? Well, you can still be a DDC local – because they’re offering to cook a blow-out dinner party for you and your friends, at your house. Considering home visits will probably be allowed before pubs, bars and restaurants get reopened, it’ll be the perfect way to reunite with friends and family. They’ll take care of the cooking, the cocktails, the music – the lot, even down to flowers, candles and table decorations if you want. And finally, if you’re not looking to host, you can buy a voucher to one of their intimate public supperclubs when this is all over instead…

…and look forward to the First Supper.


NOTE: You can find all these vouchers to support the Disappearing Dining Club right HERE.

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