Jason Allen 26/01/23

Camden's Getting Its Very Own Sky Park...

The Camden Highline | A Railway Sky Park Set To Launch in 2025

Camden’s copying New York’s famed High Line by constructing its own new park running along a disused railway.

And it looks like they’re on the right track.

If you haven’t been to New York’s O.G. High Line, it’s a one and a half mile-long elevated park placed on an old railway line that, when viewed from above, looks like a monstrous, bright green snake lazily crawling through downtown Manhattan.

Camden Highline - railway entrance

The Camden remake is going to be ever so slightly shorter (about four fifths of a mile all told) stretching across the gap between Camden and King’s Cross. You know, where all the railway tracks go when they’re yearning for home.

It’ll be split up into three distinct sections to make the construction feasible, but starting at Camden Gardens, you’ll be able to wander up a staircase through a tree canopy, and emerge onto the feating gantry platform of the park itself. Then, along your journey, they’re promising viewing platforms, communal tables, woodland areas (with oak, rowan, dogwood, alder, and Scots pine trees), purpose-built habitats for insects, birds and bats, a grandstand that can be used for small events, and even an orchard of fruit trees.

Camden Highline

At this point, we should make it clear that when we say ‘Camden’ are planning this, it’s important to clarify that ‘Camden’ are just the ones who gave the planning permission. The actual planning itself is being done by a charity specially set up for this project, the Camden High Line company. They’re building it and they’re doing so entirely through donations. There’s no council money at all.

The bill’s expected to come in at around £14m, and if things go smoothly then we can expect it to open in loud 2025.

People’s expectations are very high.


NOTE: The Camden Highline is set to start construction as soon as they can secure funding. If you want to find out more, or hasten the project along with your own donation, you can head to the website right here.

Camden Highline | Top Container, 5-7 Buck Street, NW1 8NJ

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The Camden Highline

Top Container, 5-7 Buck Street, Camden, NW1 8NJ