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Jason Allen 24/05/24

We're Holding A Pair Of Raucous House Parties In The Little Violet Door

Carnaby’s next great bar has a pretty strict door policy…

…it has to be little, violet, delightfully quirky, and allow Nudge Members +2 in for a private preview party on June 8th (aaand a post-opening party on June 19th) complete with a couple of complimentary welcome cocktails, some canapés, a live DJ, and a 50% bespoke cocktail menu for the whole night.

And as luck would have it, that’s precisely what’s happening.

The Little Violet Door

Because The Little Violet Door is the latest destination from The Little Door & Co, whose veritable rainbow of other colourful portals include The Little Yellow Door in Notting Hill, The Little Orange Door in Clapham, The Little Blue Door in Fulham, and The Little Scarlet Door in Soho. Well, now it’s Carnaby’s turn to get itself a whimsically flat-like cocktail bar hidden behind a vibrantly hued entrance.

So what to expect at this party? Well, first you’ve got to find the unmarked door with the vintage-style knocker on Kingly Street. It’s easy to spot, it’s the one where the iconic ’60s music venue The Bag O’ Nails used to be. And it’s violet. Once inside, you’ll be handed the first of your two complimentary welcome cocktails – House Rum Punch (with x3 types of rum plus rosé, guava & pomegranate) or a ‘Sex and the City’ (tequila, martini, vermouth, lychee liqueur and juice, chilli, tarragon) – and hear the sound of the DJ draw you deeper into the impressive space.

The Little Violet Door

Like the other Doors, this one will be dressed as an actual flat, as if you’ve entered into a kind of permanent house party. And as with all their venues, it’ll feel unlike other bars, but more like an actual lived-in residence, with sofas, shelves filled with books & records, colourful prints on the walls, and a mix of scattered bric-a-brac from throughout the decades. But of course, as with any good house party, the hub is the kitchen, where you’ll find that DJ spinning on an island turntable.

And speaking of kitchens, there’ll also be canapés circling for a couple of hours, including:

  • Smoked Chicken Goujons
  • Fresh Peach, Burrata & Prosciutto Crostini
  • Wasabi Tuna Tartar, Crispy Ginger & Sweet Potato Crisp
  • Smoked Aubergine & Tomato
  • Spinach and Vegan Feta Croustade

Finally, there are the cocktails, which are all 50% off for the entire night. The selection will include one of the welcome drinks you’ll have already had, as well as their House Picante (jalapeño infused tequila, lime juice and agave), Violet’s House Tipple (gin, lemon, black grape, orgeat, mint) and the Crimes of Passion (strawberry & cream-infused vodka, Passo, passionfruit, and bubbles). And prices that small…

…are just a-door-able.

NOTE: The Little Violet Door opens in June. You can find out more at the website right here.

ALSO: The exclusive Nudge Member parties at The Little Violet Door take place on June 8th & June 19th. Tickets cost £15pp, and include x2 welcome cocktails, canapés, live DJ, and 50% off cocktails from the event’s bespoke menu. To register for tickets, just check the Members’ Box at the top of this page.

The Little Violet Door | 9 Kingly St, Carnaby, London W1B 5PH

While you’re in the area… you should check out Kingly Court.

The Little Violet Door

9 Kingly St, Carnaby, Central London, W1B 5PH