We’re Tiptoeing Back….


We’re Tiptoeing Back….


As you may or may not know our job of uncovering the best of London was rendered inestimably less relevant by the arrival of Coronavirus, leaving us with no choice but to temporarily put The Nudge on pause.

At the time we promised to return as soon as possible in order to support the people & places that make London so special and also to continue our mission of helping you make the most of life in this beautiful, diverse & vibrant city.

We now find ourselves at the start of August 2020 only marginally closer to a full return to action… and this is because The Nudge exists to sift through all of the thousands of events & launches that usually happen in London in order to highlight the very best, most exciting stuff. Yet while some restaurants & bars have now reopened, many have not – and there are still very few events or launches happening at all. However, while there really isn’t enough happening that’s new for us to be able to curate “the best” stuff full time – nor to justify relaunching The Nudge 100% – there is movement in London: exciting things are starting to happen, and talented people are working hard to support a big comeback for the city’s cultural landscape.

Where does this leave us? Well we’re flirting with being back, as opposed to going steady with it. We’re in an open relationship with the concept of returning. Essentially, we’re easing back in by not officially restarting, but by keeping The Nudge itself fully up to date, and by getting a few ideas & a bit of a news up on the site each week for you to enjoy while we reignite old contacts, scope out what’s happening, and get a feel for what’s to come. There are exciting times ahead…

Thank you for your continued support, and for bearing with us.

The Nudge x

PS: Nudge Members – ALL Nudge memberships are still 100% on pause and we are processing NO membership payments. To contact us for clarification or reassurance, to access the site, to cancel your membership or for any other reason at all please simply email us on – Members@TheNudge.com 


Main Image Photo Credit: Mr Simon Wilkes

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