Walter & Monty Have Gone Nocturnal

The latest on Walter and Monty: Walter and Monty are staying up late.

And you’re going to want to, too – because the beautifully appointed, familial-feeling BBQ spot (i.e., the best thing to have ever happened to your lunch hour) is propping its doors open much later for cocktails and more of their superlative charred treats.

And in the evening, those treats (divided helpfully on the menu into things that are on sticks, and things that are not on sticks) include the likes of Miguez banger with ras el hanout feta; confit chicken wings deep fried in panko breadcrumbs; and Andalucian patatas bravas, which come with a garlic and tomato mojo.

And as for those cocktails? You can sip a Fashionably Old, which combines rye whisky with sloe gin, Aztec chocolate, coffee and maraschino cherry, or the Dirty Jess which blends vodka, bergamot liqueur, Pampelle (a ruby grapefruit bitter apéritif from France) and prosecco.

Looks like if you lead someone to Walter, you probably can get them to drink too.

NOTE: Walter and Monty Nights are running now, 5.30pm – 11.30pm Thursday & Fridays. You can check out the full menu, and find out more at their website right HERE.


Walter and Monty | 6 Bevis Marks, Bury Court, EC3A 7BA

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Walter and Monty Nights

6 Bevis Marks, Bury Court, The City, EC3A 7BA

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