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Win Dinner For Four At Bloomberg Arcade

Win Dinner For Four At Bloomberg Arcade

Win Dinner For Four At Bloomberg Arcade | Competition Time

Technically, when you eat out at any of the prestigious restaurants lining Bloomberg Arcade

… you’re already winning.

But the folk at Bloomberg Arcade are taking that very literally, because they’re giving away a table for four at one of eight restaurants there, whichever most takes your fancy – whether that’s a selection of world-wide dishes at Caravan, steaming hot ramen from Koya, or a feast of Indian BBQ dishes from the team behind Gymkhana.

But we’ll get to that in a moment.

Bloomberg Arcade Mithraeum

Because – like most days – you won’t be starting with dinner. Unlike most days, you’ll instead be venturing below the streets of the City and walking into a Roman temple that lay, undiscovered, for almost 2000 years. It was finally uncovered as the city rebuilt itself after the Blitz, revealing thousands of buried ancient artefacts (including the first ever written mention of London).

The whole place is insanely atmospheric, thanks to the sound and visuals they’ve recreated to immerse you in the temple as you walk around. And you and your pals will be getting a private tour of the place, where you’ll hear about the treasures they dug up; the mysterious induction rites of the temple; and the story behind the god who was worshipped there.

Curiosity for millennia-old underground cults fully sated, you’ll then be ready to satisfy your other appetite at any of these excellent eateries:

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If you want a slice of the action.


Find out more about those restaurants in our Insiders’ Guide to Bloomberg Arcade


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