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Raindrop Cakes Are Coming to Yamagoya


Introducing the raindrop cake.

It’s a cult-ish Japanese dessert that’s completely transparent, thanks to the special agar powder it’s made from.

Just to make that clear.

It’s served with a sticky sweet molasses syrup (kuromitsu) and roasted soybean flour (kinako) for dipping, and the people at Yamagoya are going to be making them as of May 15th. Yamagoya itself is a pop up ramen restaurant housed above Shuang Shuang on Shaftsbury Avenue. The idea is to serve something refreshing to cleanse the palate after a dose of heat from their ramen, and the chef has apparently been working on the recipe for months (they spent three years perfecting their ramen, so it’s no stretch).

They’ll only be making 20 per day, serving them on a first-come basis. Will you need to get there early?


NOTE: Raindrop cakes will be available at Yamagoya from May 15th for £2.30 per cake.  A limited number of 20 cakes will be available each day. You can book a table, and find out more right HERE

Yamagoya | 64 Shaftesbury Avenue (entrance via Shuang Shuang), W1D 6LU

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64 Shaftesbury Avenue, Soho, Central London, W1D 6LU


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