Jason Allen 04/07/19

Ollie Quinn

Ollie Quinn | Stylish eyewear in a stylish space

The people at Ollie Quinn had a vision.

A crystal-clear, 20/20 vision.

It was of a boutique eyewear shop that would design everything in-house, source all their materials ethically, and cut all their prescription lenses locally (before giving them all anti-scratch & anti-glare coatings). Then to make everything just that little bit clearer, all of their personalised in-store eye-care would be transparent & simple. And finally, all frames & lenses would be sold at an all-inclusive, and extremely reasonable price.

And that’s exactly what they do.

They now have half a dozen boutiques in London (and a few more across the UK), and you’ll find their flagship boutique in Covent Garden. Like all the others, its walls are lined with sleek designs, and there are in-store certified optometrists waiting to give your peepers a once-over. Which is convenient, because if you don’t like the look of their opticals and sunglasses, you need to get your eyes tested.

And the kicker? You can even use their boutiques as a co-working space. And yes…

…you read the right.

NOTE: Ollie Quinn now have half a dozen boutiques in London (and a few more across the UK – with a new Stoke Newington High Street branch coming this July. You can find out more, buy online, and book an eye exam at their website right HERE.

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