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Jason Allen 26/05/19

Applebees Fish Pop Up

Applebees Fish Pop Up | Pétanque & oysters on the South Bank 

Fishing, apparently, requires a lot of patience.

And Applebees Fish, who’ve been based in Borough Market for over 20 years, are finally dipping their toes in the waters of expansion, by opening a pop up on the South Bank.

Applebees Fish

It’s open until September, there’s a champagne & oyster bar, and they’re serving all the usual fish & chips suspects, along with craft beers on tap.

There’s live music from local buskers, and the place has got a full-sized pétanque pit too.

Let’s hope they don’t wait another 20 years for the next one.


PLEASE NOTE: This pop up has ended.

NOTE: Applebees Fish pop up is on the Southbank until September 15th 2019. 

Applebees Fish | Queens Walk, SE1 8XX

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Applebees Fish Pop Up

Queens Walk, Southbank, SE1 8XX