The Espresso Martini Society | The World's Largest Espresso Martini Menu
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The Espresso Martini Society

The Espresso Martini Society

The Espresso Martini Society | The World’s Largest Espresso Martini Menu

Want to hear a joke about strong booze?

That’s the spirit.

And that spirit, specifically, is vodka (along with a plethora of liqueurs) going into the various takes on the Espresso Martini that you’ll find at London’s returning dedicated pop up, the Espresso Martini Society.

Espresso Martini Society

After two sell-out runs, it’s back in Soho with the world’s largest number of variations on the humble Espresso Martini. According to legend, the drink was invented after a supermodel marched into Dick Bradsell’s bar and asked him to make her something that would “wake her up, and f*ck her up”.

Luckily for all of us, he didn’t f*ck it up.

Tickets are available to book right now, costing £10 a pop, and sold for 1hr 30min timeslots. You’ll get a welcome Espresso Martini when you sit down, and then you can go nuts with that world-beating, 20-strong menu.

Espresso Martini Society

Details of exactly what goes into the drinks are under wraps until you get in there, but you can expect classic ones, frozen ones, salted caramel ones, oreo-topped ones, negroni ones, and milkshake ones. All of their glassware is chilled, so as to serve up each drink at the perfect temperature, and if you’re feeling a little too buzzed, you can get any of the cocktails decaffed.

Because as delicious as they sound, sometimes you don’t want the shakes.


NOTE: The Espresso Martini Society is in Soho on Fridays and Saturdays from 9th July – 10th August. You can find out more, and make a booking at their website right HERE.

The Espresso Martini Society | 48 Poland Street, W1F 7ND

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The Espresso Martini Society

48 Poland Street, Soho, W1F 7ND


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