Gingerline's TV Dinners | A Game Show Dining Experience

An Interactive, Immersive Food Gameshow

Gingerline’s TV Dinners

Gingerline’s TV Dinners

Gingerline – the immersive dining pioneers who have sold out countless mysterious multi-dimensional dining experiences in secret locations around London, taking you variously through anthropomorphic flavour machines; animated clouds; giant ball pits and time itself – are finally taking on the ultimate bastion of culinary achievement.

TV Dinners.

Rest assured, though, that this being Gingerline, they’re not actually going to serve you some charcoal-on-the-outside-icicle-in-the-middle lasagne. Instead, these TV Dinners are an homage to the great Saturday night telly traditions of yore (aka, your childhood).

In short: it’s an interactive dining game show.

Gingerline TV Dinners

It’s going down in their central London studio space, which’ll be transformed into a glittering ’90s gameshow set, fit for a fierce culinary contest. Hosted by a pair of TV darlings and a friendly quiz robot by the name of Snack-a-Max 2000, the show will see you and your team-mates (dressed in team colours, of course) take on four other groups in a series of “competitive food-based rounds”. Over the next two hours, you’ll take part in challenges and contests where your palate wins you prizes… and determines exactly how your four-course dinner is both delivered and eaten.

So grab some pals, prep your costume…

…and come on doooown.


NOTE: Gingerline’s TV Dinners runs until 29th December and costs £50+ per person. You can find out more, and book tickets, HERE.

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