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Talisa Dean 04/09/17

The John Lewis Roof Garden

Roof Fest | Oxford Street Rooftop Bar

There are, as you well know, a million events, festivals, markets, al fresco bars and pop ups happening in London over the summer. However Roof Fest – situated on the roof of John Lewis – is one that we’d humbly suggest you make a little time to visit, if you can.

Behold the reasons why –

1) It’s beautiful. On arrival at the summit of Mount Lewis you’ll find yourself in a verdant mini parkland, with leafy trees and shrubs dotted about the place; bunting strung up overhead; a converted caravan doubling as a DJ and live music stage with bean bags scattered about in front; and cosy wicker wigwam-shaped seating carving out little romantic nooks across the rooftop.

2) The food’s delicious. This year you’ll find street food from the team behind Million Pound Menu winners BBQ Dreamz. Here, they’re going by the moniker of Bong Bong’s Manila Kanteen, serving fresh mussels in a coconut broth; aubergine satay curry and lechon kawali (crispy BBQ pork belly) with a pickled papaya salad.

Roof Fest

3) There’s booze. Besides wines, ciders and beers, there’s a host of cocktails which come courtesy of Background Bars, the team behind Night Tales. You can sip on the eponymous Roof Fest, with banana liqueur, rum, passion fruit and mint; negroni fizzes; and virgin hibiscus margaritas.

4) There are a bunch of private Wendy houses dotted around the rooftop. Seating between four and ten people, they’re kitted out with bohemian pillows and throws; glorious floral displays and private sound systems… making them the perfect location for enjoying a snug date night or a long summer evening playing board games with friends.

5) It’s not just a pretty face. That caravan stage is playing host to live acts throughout the summer, from close-up magicians to acoustic guitarists. They’re even using the space for early morning fitness classes, if that’s your bag.

Sounds like it’s going to be a HIIT.


NOTE: Roof Fest on the John Lewis Rooftop is open daily from noon until 29th September. Bookings for lodges and the restaurant can be made HERE, but there are spaces reserved for walk-ins too.

Roof Fest | John Lewis Rooftop, Old Cavendish Street entrance, W1C 1DX

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The John Lewis Roof Garden

5th Floor, John Lewis, 300 Oxford Street, Old Cavendish Street entrance, Oxford Street, W1C 1DX

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