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Hattie Lloyd 12/05/23

Monkey 47 Presents The 'Wundersarnie' | A Recipe for Success

What makes Monkey 47 and Max Halley’s Wundersarnie so damn good?

It’s the wurst.

Because that wurst (a.k.a German sausage) has been lovingly created after days of prolific experimentation (and sandwich eating) in the Black Forest, home to Monkey 47’s Schwarzwald gin.

The result: a mouthwatering German sausage sandwich über-charged with the same secret botanical spice mix that gives Monkey 47 its unparalleled quality. And now you can enjoy it for the princely sum of nada at an oompah-fuelled pop-up this Thursday (1st June).

Bringing together one of the world’s hottest dry gins with London’s uncontested sandwich maestro? Sounds like a recipe for success. One which might go a little something like this…


Step One

Take your radical, experimental sandwich maker (we’ll be using Max Halley of Max’s Sandwich Shop, but anyone you have lying around in your store cupboard will do). Leave to marinate for two days amongst the wonder of Germany’s Black Forest.

Step Two

Before long you’ll be left with a mouthwatering sausage, infused with the same botanicals that make Monkey 47 so darn good. Slice, and nestle between a soft fluffy bun. Top that with a large spoonful of sauerkraut, a dollop of Monkey 47 sloe gin-infused lingonberry mustard and a Black Forest ham crumb, and there you have a new, one-of-a-kind Wundersarnie.

Step Three

Once ready, drop Max Halley into a well-sized mixing bowl like Leake Street Arches in Waterloo. Add a rather handsome food truck at the centre and season with a little additional German fun: oompah band beats; and a few other exciting surprises…

Step Four

Allow to settle for up to 4 hours, during which small clusters of hungry visitors may appear – don’t worry, this is to be expected. Stir occasionally to allow them to absorb plenty of delicious Wundersarnies.

Step Five

To prevent the mixture getting too dry, add in an ice cold Monkey 47 G&T.  Turn early summer sunshine up to full, and reduce the crowds to tears of joy.


Wundersarnies are best enjoyed before they disappear forever…


DETAILS: Monkey 47 and Max will be popping up under Waterloo’s Leake Street Arches for one day only – 1st June – serving complimentary Wundersarnies, alongside Monkey 47 G&Ts, 4pm-8pm. Alternatively you can head down to Max’s Sandwich Shop 1st-15th June and delight in the specially created wurst (as well as a Monkey 47 tipple) there instead.

Enjoy responsibly. bedrinkaware.co.uk

Monkey 47 x Max’s Sandwich Shop

Leake Street Arches , Waterloo, SE1 7NN