Ametsa With Arzak Instruction

Ametsa With Arzak Instruction | Belgravia Restaurant

Some things have very misleading names.

The Dyson Ball Cleaner. Greenland. “Fun size” sweets.

But Ametsa With Arzak Instruction is not one of them.

It’s the first venture outside of San Sebastián by the legendary three-Michelin starred chef Juan Mari Arzak with his daughter Elena Arzak (frequently extolled as “the best female chef on the world”), whose mutual restaurant in Spain is one of the best, and most influential on the planet. But Ametsa is not run by them – they merely trained the chefs and consulted on the menu – hence the all-important qualifier “Instruction”.

Set in the Halkin Hotel, the restaurant itself you’ll find a smartly minimalist, white-coated space punctuated by the slightly insane ceiling which is covered in literally 7 thousand test tubes, all filled with various colour-matched herbs & spices.


And once you take your seat, you’ll be treated to seasonally rotating, boundary-pushing, molecular dishes like Atún con Canela Encendida (“tuna with cinnamon on fire”), Mango, Cerveza y Morcilla (“mango, beer and black pudding”), Lubina y Escabeche de Plátano (“sea bass with a banana…escabeche”).

If you’re not in the mood for a full tasting menu, there’s also a bar in the hotel, where you can get some tapas (starting at a thoroughly reasonable £3.50), including small plates like hot spider crab, or foie totem with mango dressing – and of course, a jug of sangria and a sizeable menu of sherries, too. And if you’re not sure what to pick, don’t worry.

The bartender will instruct you.


NOTE: Ametsa With Arzak Instruction is open for lunch Tues-Sat and dinner Mon-Sat. You can book a table by calling them on 0207 333 1234, or heading right HERE.

Ametsa With Arzak Instruction |  COMO The Halkin, Halkin Street, SW1X 7DJ

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Ametsa With Arzak Instruction

COMO The Halkin, Halkin Street, Belgravia, West London, SW1X 7DJ
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020 7333 1234

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