Hattie Lloyd 07/01/20

Arabica Bar & Kitchen

Arabica Bar & Kitchen | Borough Restaurant

Arabica Bar & Kitchen has absolutely nothing – ostensibly – to do with poetry.

But we’re not ones to shy from a challenge. So behold, our acrostic summary of Arabica’s merits:

A is for ah, let’s start with a nice introduction. This is a Levantine resto and cocktail bar jutting out from beneath the railway arches by Borough Market.

R is for rrrrr. That’s the sound of the purring bare-brick, industrial interior with leather banquettes and al fresco dining.

Al fresco dining? Yeah.

B is for breakfast, which here involves Turkish eggs, flatbreads with broad bean dips or figs and tahini, and kippers with poached eggs and herb salad.

I is… a grammatically incorrect structure. So instead, we’ll focus on the other meals of the day, during which you can dine on spinach and feta bouregi, whipped feta and smoked aubergine dips and lamb kofta with sour cherry sauce.

C is for the cocktails, which range from Rania’s Spritz (a take on the Aperol spritz with rosewater, chilli and sea salt) to the Jallab Smash, with applejack, fruity jallab cordial, pine nuts and sultanas.

A is for when you should go there. Which is ASAP.

…Smashed it.


NOTE: Arabica Bar & Kitchen is open weekdays from noon, and weekends from 9am. You can reserve a table right HERE.

Arabica Bar & Kitchen | 3 Rochester Walk, Borough Market, SE1 9AF

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Arabica Bar & Kitchen

3 Rochester Walk, Borough Market, Borough, South London, SE1 9AF

0203 011 5151

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