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Hattie Lloyd 26/07/22

Barrafina Borough Yards

It was world-famous Spanish hobbit Bilbao Baggins who once said,

“La acción es la clave fundamental para todo éxito”
(Action Is the Foundational Key to All Success).

Well, it was either him or Pablo Picasso.

Irrespective, if there are two men who can never be accused of failing to take action (love a double negative!) it’s The Hart brothers, who appear to be slowly taking over London Bridge. Because first the men at the head of the critically lauded and publicly adored Barrafina empire opened the doors to their new Mexican eatery El Pastor; then more recently they unveiled the second branch of their al fresco DIY BBQ restaurant Parrillan in the new Borough Yards development (literally right by Borough Market) before even more recently cutting the rope on Bar Daskal, a brand new sherry bar in the same location inspired by their grandfather. And now – putting the cherry on top of their London Bridge cake – they’ve opened their fifth Barrafina, which is not only also in Borough Yards… but in the same building as Parrillan and Bar Daskal (you can actually walk around inside between all three).  Aaand Nudge Members are getting 30% off their whole table’s food bill throughout the entire first month they’re open (from 30th July to 30th August). Refer to the members’ box at the top of this article for booking instructions.

As with its siblings, the menu at Barrafina Borough Yards has been assembled by the group’s exceptionally talented Chef Director, Angel Zapata Martin (who has 1) Drawn inspiration from Balearic, Catalan and Mediterranean-Spanish cuisines in order to add a couple of new, Borough Yards-specific dishes to his roster of established hits, and who 2) Once told us all about his favourite places in London).

barrafina borough yards

Some of Angel’s dishes here include torreznos, a crispy, fried bacon snack; ensalada payesa, a sort of Balearic panzanella; plenty of cured meats and spreads plucked from across the islands; a rich Catalan chicken dish simmered in sherry and dried fruits; Mallorcan dirty rice; and fried Catalan doughnuts to finish.

But what about the interiors, you ask. And it’s just as well you do, because the team have stuck to their tried and tested formula of Barrafina’s now iconic marble-topped counter wrapped around an open kitchen, where you can perch to watch the chefs (led by Brindisa’s Fabiola Bonacci) at work, all while sipping on a Galician beer, a Pedro Ximenez sherry… or your very own bottle of Gramona Imperial 2016 Cava.

As ol’ Bilbao likes to say,

“A beber y a tragar, que el mundo se va a acabar…”
(Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die).


NOTE: Nudge Members can get 30% off their whole table’s food bill throughout the entire first month Barrafina Borough Yards is open (from 30th July to 30th August 2022). Refer to the members’ box at the top of this article for booking instructions. Not a Nudge Member yet? Sign up for your free trial HERE.

ALSO NOTE: Barrafina Borough Yards is open Tuesday – Sunday. Reservations are available here.

Barrafina Borough Yards | 2 Dirty Lane, London, SE1 9PA

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Barrafina Borough Yards

2 Dirty Lane, Borough, SE1 9PA
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