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Berberè Pizza

Matteo and Salvatore Aloe are the brothers behind Radio Alice, the trio of pizzerias that set out to rock the boat by serving oven-scorched dough with fresh toppings added afterwards.

But maybe they decided that was a raw deal – because now they’re doing something radical, and cooking them at their latest London opening.

Their Italian restaurant empire, Berberè Pizza, has 12 eateries across the country – and if you can get a pizzeria to be that popular in Italy, you know you’re onto something good. So the brothers have now converted their Clapham branch of Radio Alice into the first international outpost of their Italian smash hit.

berbere pizza clapham

Alberto Blasetti

The space itself isn’t a world away from its previous incarnation – the exposed brick and white tiled walls are still there, but there’s a wash of peach paint across the ceiling, and cosy wooden banquettes. There’s still a cluster of tables outside for a slice of authentic al fresco Italian dining, and the open kitchen provides a cosy, clattering underscore to your meal.

Then there’s the pizza – the dough, fermented for 24h, still originates from the original mother yeast they used when first launching Berberè back in 2010. Still abiding by their ‘fresh is best’ mantra, toppings range from classic margheritas and marinaras to salami and ‘nduja, baked aubergine, and – to honour their first British branch – Yorkshire sausage.

And to finish? Tiramisù, gelato, and the Sweet Montanarina: a deep-fried doughball filled with vanilla gelato and peanut butter.

Doesn’t get butter than that.


NOTE: Berberè Pizza is open daily. You can find out more, and book a table, HERE.

Berberè Pizza | 67 Venn Street, Clapham, London SW4 0BD

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Berberè Pizza

67 Venn Street, Clapham, SW4 0BD

0207 627 3881

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