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Blacklock Canary Wharf | London’s Best Chops

When you’re after a meal that’s purely about high-quality meat…

…Blacklock is always a safe option.

The restaurant’s burgeoning presence across the capital can be summed up in one juicy word: chops. And now Blacklock Canary Wharf is muscling in on the action, slotting into the lineup of Blacklock Soho (the original), Blacklock City, Blacklock Shoreditch and Blacklock Covent Garden.

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If you’re wondering how a chophouse that originated in an old Soho strip club is going to adjust to one of London’s sleekest neighbourhoods, fear not: they’ve secured a roomy warehouse right under the railway tracks by the North Dock, about a five minute walk from fellow steak titans Hawksmoor Wood Wharf. Dressed in their trademark upmarket industrial style, there’s room for 120 chop-seeking punters in there, and they’ve got space on an outside terrace too.

blacklock canary wharf interiors

The idea behind Blacklock is nothing overly complicated (meat at its finest should be a simple thing); they’re traditional British chophouses that specialise in… ‘door-stop-thick’ chops. You choose the size first; skinny or big, next the type of meat; beef, lamb or pork (or the three together, piled up high on flatbread, on the ‘all in’ platter) and the chefs handle the rest, plopping your cut onto a charcoal grill, flattening and then scorching it with a 200-year-old clothes iron. 

blacklock canary wharf dishes

While the chops are rightly revered and the headline act, Blacklock aren’t half bad at steak either. In fact, we’d say they’re also some the best steakhouses in London – whether you prefer your steak (dry-aged for 55 days) on its lonesome, bolstered by all the sides (beef dripping chips, 10-hour ash-roasted sweet potato) or between two slices of toasted ciabatta (the steak sarnie makes for a legendary London lunch, featuring slices of tender hanger steak supplemented with watercress, mustard and bone marrow).

blacklock canary wharf bar snacks

Blacklock Canary Wharf is bang on the money, delivering on all these classics (as well as the return of the white chocolate cheesecake). There’s a dash of newness in the bar snacks (pig’s head nuggets and lamb scratchings), and the famed cocktail trolleys that wheel around Old Fashioneds and other signatures depart here from a 10-metre-long bar.

It serves a lot of short drinks.

NOTE: Blacklock Canary Wharf is open daily. You can find out more, and book, HERE.

Blacklock Canary Wharf | 5 Frobisher Passage, London, E14 4PA

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Blacklock Canary Wharf

5 Frobisher Passage, Canary Wharf, E14 4PA

8.5 | Great