Blacklock Lock Down Number Four

Blacklock Covent Garden | Central London Chophouse

If anyone’s got the chops to carry off a fourth restaurant dedicated wholly to meat, it’s Blacklock.

They opened their original chophouse in an old Soho strip joint seven years ago, and achieved instant critical and popular acclaim for their lamb, pork and veal chops, slung onto a charcoal grill and scorched with a 200 year-old clothes iron from the Blacklock Foundry (hence the name).

From there, they opened two more branches in the City and Shoreditch, and now they’ve announced a fourth. They’ll be setting up shop in Covent Garden’s Henrietta Street. And yes, lesser restaurants probably wouldn’t dare to open on the same street as a Flat Iron, but then lesser restaurants don’t have £5 negroni trolleys, Sunday roasts that are famous city-wide, and 10 hour ash-roasted sweet potato.

The menu’s likely to stick to the Blacklock formula (big chops, little chops, beef dripping chips), and it’s very possible they’ll be bringing their industrial aesthetic, too.

You’ll just need to bring your chops.


NOTE: Blacklock Covent Garden doesn’t have an opening date yet, but we’ll be back with the full scoop when it does…

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