Blacklock Shoreditch | An East London Chophouse Like No Other

Blacklock Shoreditch

Blacklock Shoreditch

Blacklock Shoreditch | East London Steakhouse

Blacklock famously grill all their chops using an old ‘Blacklock’ iron.

Explains how they’ve flattened the competition.

They’re now onto their third joint after opening in Soho (in a former illegal strip club) and The City (in a former medieval meat market), this time in Shoreditch, in a space that was a former, ugh, non-chop related restaurant. This is the largest of the three and, for the first time, even has its own dedicated bar.

That space is quite nice in its own way too, and the Blacklock team have done their best to let it speak for itself, stripping away all the layers of paint & varnish to reveal the spartan simplicity of a concrete floor, brick walls, and a wooden ceiling. In fact, the only adornments on the walls are the blackboards showing the daily specials.

Clearly, they’d rather let something else do the talking. Namely…


For those unfamiliar with the Blacklock concept, it’s pretty simple: they serve chops. They’re either ‘skinny’ (for a mere £4 each) or ‘big’ (served in increments of 100g). They come in the form of lamb cutlets, lamb t-bones, beef rump, beef rib, pork rib, pork belly, porterhouse, tomahawk, we could go on. There are even smoked bacon chops. And they’re all cooked over a charcoal grill before being seared with an original Blacklock Foundry clothes iron from the 1800s.

They have a very small selection of starters and ‘pre chop bites’ (grilled squid & bone marrow; egg & anchovy, etc.), and a healthy selection of sides, including beef dripping chips, charred courgette, barbecued baby gem salad, and 10hr ash-roasted sweet potatoes. But the best things to accompany your mains come from-


Now that they’ve got their very own bar, they’ve decided to go in a slightly new drinking direction. Sure, you can still get their crazily good value ‘cocktails for a fiver’ (which include house takes on Gimlet, the Old Fashoined, and the Negroni, etc.) And yes, if you’re too lazy to visit the bar, their cocktail trolley will still come to you…

…but now, they’ve also teamed up with New York speakeasy Slowly Shirley. On their guest menu – which will remain in place indefinitely – you can get the vaunted bar’s greatest hits, including the Cognac & gin-loaded Telegraph, and a vodka/ lychee/ lime leaf/ ginger number called The Village Bicycle.

Which seems like it’ll be extremely popular.

NOTE: Blacklock Shoreditch is on soft launch until 8th, officially opening thereafter (the soft launch is fully booked, but they’ve reserved several tables for walk-ins). You can find out more, and make a booking on their website HERE.

Blacklock Shoreditch | 28-30 Rivington Street, EC2A 3DZ

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Blacklock Shoreditch

28-30 Rivington Street, Shoreditch, East London, EC2A 3DZ


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