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Bob Bob Ricard

Bob Bob Ricard serves an impressive amount of Champagne.

And we mean that quite literally.

Because when every table in the place is famously armed with a “Press for Champagne” button, it tends to get impressed a lot. And the result is that this place serves more bubbly than any other restaurant in the UK.

Bob Bob Ricard

Unsurprisingly for a place with that honour, the space itself is jaw-droppingly, next-level glitzy. Elegantly uniformed staff float around the space responding to Champagne summons; gold and brass fittings glimmer in every corner; and wherever there isn’t gold, there’s marble. With its cobalt blue, high backed booth seating, curved tables jutting out from the walls and occasional, curtained windows, it seems almost like a stationary Orient Express.

Bob Bob Ricard

The food here is a love affair between English and Russian cuisine; which, if you’re wondering, means an amuse-bouche of vodka shots (served at precisely -18c) and oysters before we even get to the:


Sink your teeth into the likes of truffled potato and mushroom vareniki (traditional Russian dumplings); a souped up scotch egg made with mushroom duxelles; and steak tartar topped with caviar. The indulgence continues with the…


Bob Bob Ricard

Where you can net a huge Beef Wellington for two to share; a classic Chicken Kiev; some chicken, mushroom, and Champagne pie; and the restaurant favourite, lobster mac & cheese. And that’s when we come to,


Which has the likes of a flaming creme brûlée, a perfect strawberries and cream soufflé, and the Chocolate Glory: served inside a melting, golden globe. Naturally, you’ll want to wash this down with insensible amounts of Champagne, pressing the buttons with gleeful disregard for your wallet. But don’t. Instead, order yourself a clear Bloody Mary, made with clarified tomato essence and sporting only the most subtle of rosy tints.

It’s all very impressive. 


NOTE: Bob Bob Ricard is open for lunch and dinner seven days a week, 365 days a year. You can book a table by calling 0203 145 1000, emailing [email protected], or simply clicking right HERE.

ALSO NOTE: Bob Bob Ricard run ‘off-peak’ pricing, with around 20% off the menu at lunchtime.

Bob Bob Ricard | 1 Upper James Street, W1F 9DF

Did you know there’s now a second BBR? It’s called Bob Bob Cité

Bob Bob Ricard

1 Upper James Street, Soho, Central London, W1F 9DF
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0203 145 1000

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