Bocca Di Lupo | Elegant Date Night Italian in Soho

Bocca Di Lupo

Bocca Di Lupo

Bocca di Lupo | Soho Italian Restaurant

If you haven’t been to London’s best regional Italian restaurant yet, then you might feel a little out of the Lupo.

But don’t worry. Just pop down to the Theatre district, and head into the restaurant with the open kitchen that sits behind a white marble bar, with a busier dining area overlooked by a giant circular chandelier and imposing wall paintings by the chef’s own mother (she even has a gallery space on the opposite the restaurant) at the back.

This is Bocca Di Lupo (literally ‘the mouth of the wolf’), and it was opened in 2008 by Jacob Kenedy – having previously plied his trade at modern Exmouth Market eatery Moro – to much fanfare and excitement. Here’s what all the fuss is about:


Bocca Di Lupo

Pretty much all of the menu is cleverly offered in either small or large portion sizes (as opposed to starters/mains) giving diners the option of a tapas-style sharing experience, or a more generously portioned individual meal. Each dish is also noted by the region of Italy that it originally hails from, for example, you can sample gnocchi from Lazio, pappardelle from Veneto, braised ox cheek from Sicilia, and then finish it all off with a caffe alla nocciola (coffee with egg yolks & hazelnut) from Napoli.

(For those looking for a more decadent meal, Bocca invites guests to bring their own truffles – which they will clean and slice – before adding to one of three selected menu options. They will even point you in the direction of the nearest retailer, if you manage to somehow forget to bring your own.)

And you’ll be glad to know they pay equal attention to,


Bocca Di Lupo

A previous winner of Tatler’s Best Wine List award, the place has an exclusively Italian selection categorised by grape variety, region, and rarity. Alongside this sits a full list of classic cocktails, beers, spirits and traditional Italian aperitifs and digestifs.

And it’s all delicious.

You heard it straight from the wolf’s mouth.

NOTE: Bocca Di Lupo is open for lunch and dinner, seven days a week. You can book a table online right HERE.

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Bocca Di Lupo

12 Archer Street, Soho, Central London, W1D 7BB

0207 734 2223


9 / 10

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