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Jason Allen 09/04/21

Brat x Climpson’s Arch

We’re not saying Tomos Parry is a genius or anything.

Buuuuut the fact is that the moment the first hint of a lockdown drifted through the air back in 2020, he took his restaurant Brat and converted it into a popup within a beautiful, covered, and heated outdoor location in London Fields, complete with its own wood-fired grill. And it’s been so successful that the place is now permanent – meaning that during the worst restaurant crisis for a century not only did his place not go under, but he opened a second branch.

So he at least deserves a pat on the back or something.

brat x climpsons arch

Benjamin McMahon

Just as a brief rejoinder for anyone who hasn’t been to Brat: it has the distinction of winning both a) our coveted title of ‘best new restaurant of 2018’ and lesserly b) a Michelin Star. All within its first year. It specialises in open fire cooking which makes an outdoor space, if anything, a little more suitable. And the outdoor space they’ve secured is in Climpson’s Arch; a courtyard sprawled out in front of an old brick Victorian railway arch, complete with a greenhouse-style roof, and scattered festoon lighting. It’s large enough for an entire kitchen and a separate bar to slot in between the wooden tables, too.

As for the food? Well it should really go without saying that it beats a pot noodle. They’re serving much the same menu of Basque style dishes, many of which have flame-kissed over the wood fire, including their famous whole grilled turbot (also known as a ‘brat’). You can also expect the likes of juicy beef ribs, Rainbow Trout smoked on cedar wood, velvet crab rice, aged mutton chops, and some of the best wood-fired bread you’ve ever tasted.

And save room for the burnt cheesecake.

Trust us.


NOTE: Brat x Climpson’s Arch is open daily. You can find out more, and book a table (for 2-6 people) at their website right HERE.

Brat x Climpsons Arch | 374 Helmsley Place, Hackney, E8 3SB

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Brat x Climpson’s Arch

374 Helmsley Place, Hackney, E8 3SB

8.5 | Great