Brigadiers Restaurant | A New Indian BBQ Spot From The Trishna Team



Brigadiers Restaurant | Indian BBQ & Cocktails


Just hearing the name, you already get the feeling it ranks pretty highly in the London restaurant scene.

A notion that’s solidly backed up when you learn that it comes to us from JKS Restaurants; the people behind Michelin Star winners Trishna & Gymkhana.

Inspired by the opulent Indian mess halls where the military go to socialise, sip beers, and chow down on army grub whole suckling lamb biryani, Brigadiers has taken up residence in a sizeable chunk of the City’s new Bloomberg Arcade development. The reasons for which will become apparent when you step inside and take a quick recce of the art deco interiors while their resident shoe-shining attendant fixes you up.

Here’s how to navigate the place, starting with the main event:


As opulent as the place looks, the food feels considerably less formal, and is all based on various types of Indian BBQ, from tandoors to charcoal grills, rotisseries, wood ovens, and classic Indian smokers. Which means you can expect dishes like dry tandoori masala rib eye steak; smoked Nepali bhutwa lamb belly ribs; wood-roasted Goan suckling pig; and wood-roasted curry leaf masala turbot. And of course, soft serve ice cream. With brown butter waffle cones. And black pepper caramel.

Of equal importance then there’s-


Called ‘Blighters’, it’s more of a bar & restaurant space, where you can grab a bite from the main menu (or just some bar snacks, like Oysters ‘Saagafeller’, or chaat masala pork scratchings) while also watching the barkeep shake up cocktails, or simply grab something from the whiskey & soda trolley making the rounds. And if you’re still thirsty, you can head to-


The Tap Room has, well, a lot of taps. And not just for their beers (which are constantly rotating, and many of which they create in collaboration with craft breweries, like Harbour Brewing’s Mango IPA, or Thornbridge’s 4th Rifles Pale Ale)… but also for their tap cocktails, including a nitro Espresso Martini, and a hand-pulled Old Fashioned. Wandering on there’s-


Here, apart from a ruby-red pool table, there’s a whiskey vending machine (it’s enomatic, and has a fair collection of rare varieties) and a self-pouring beer dispenser. Note, we didn’t say beer ‘tap’, because this particular hop-hydrant fills your glass from the bottom up. Using, we’re forced to assume, some kind of black magic.

Beyond all of that they somehow also have space for several private diners (called variously, The Pot Luck Room, The Bidi Room, and The Kukri Room), plus an alfresco terrace. For 34 people.

It’s worth saluting.

NOTE: Brigadiers is open now. You can find out more, and make a booking on their website right HERE.

ALSO NOTE: As of August 12th, they will be launching a rather spectacular Sunday bottomless BBQ feast, with as much beer, prosecco or Paloma cocktails as your heart could desire, for £45 all in. Book HERE, or read more in our guide to the best Bottomless Brunches in London


Brigadiers | 1-5 Bloomberg Arcade, EC4N 8AR

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1-5 Bloomberg Arcade, Cannon Street, The City, EC4N 8AR


8 / 10

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