Jason Allen 20/09/22

Brother Marcus South Kensington

The Brother Marcus family tree has grown another branch.

This is the fourth restaurant in the burgeoning micro-empire, having already planted flags in Spitalfields, Angel, and Borough. They each serve a broadly Eastern Mediterranean menu (which frequently slips into Middle Eastern territory), while pouring all of their specialisation points into their first-rate brunch offering.

brother marcus south kensington

They’ve now moved into a space right around the corner from South Ken tube – as in literally around the corner as you leave the station exit – in the spot that used to be Muriel’s Kitchen. They’ve given the space a complete makeover in their signature look of cascading greenery and rattan fixtures, with enough glossy marble around to keep the place feeling sleek for dinner.

brother marcus

On the menu: a selection of perfectly lovely baked goods (pistachio swirls, tahini blondies, chocolate babka, etc.) for the light brunch crowd, and some considerably more substantial dishes for the proper brunch crowd. You can expect,

  • Slow cooked pork belly with apple labneh, dates, walnuts and Metaxa glaze (exclusive to the South Ken location)
  • Smokey shakshuka with labneh
  • Fried chicken rosti
  • Feta & ricotta borek with grilled spring onions
  • Half a chicken with lemon dressing
  • A homemade doughnut with date & tahini cream, all topped with chocolate and pistachio

Annnd to help ease all that down, there are a ton of cocktails, plus an Eastern Mediterranean wine list to match the food. Everyone and their brother will want to check it out.


NOTE: Brother Marcus South Kensington is open now. They offer 50% off food every Tuesday if you book quoting ‘Marcus Tuesdays’. You can find out more, and book a table at their website right here.

Brother Marcus South Kensington | 1-3 Pelham Street, SW7 2ND

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Brother Marcus South Kensington

1-3 Pelham Street, South Kensington, West London, SW7 2ND

7.0 | Good