Talisa Dean 06/03/20

Cafe Deco

Up-and coming chef Anna Tobias has finally up-and-come.

Because her CV – which includes The Blueprint Café (where she worked under Quo Vadis’ Jeremy Lee); The River Cafe; and Margot Henderson’s Rochelle Canteen – can now add her own place to its impressive roster. And that place is Cafe Deco.

It’s actually a partnership between herself and the folks behind 40 Maltby Street. Together they’ve taken over what was once a greasy spoon in Bloomsbury, keeping the name, and transforming the space into more of a late-night restaurant and wine bar.

Head inside, and you’ll see that the place has been given a fresh makeover that still harks back to its diner roots, with pastel tiled floors and an awning over the tables outside. They’ve even kept the glass food display that once housed the fresh sandwiches & pastries, only now it holds chilled drinks for the bar.

The menu changes with the breeze, but always has an interesting mix of the simple and the unexpected. You might a plate of asparagus with vinaigrette, or a pigeon broth with pickled girolles and Austrian ‘frittaten’ pancake slivers. Desserts will include the likes of chocolate pudding pie, or almond & amaretti ice cream, or just ‘cheese’. Whatever you get, it’ll be interesting, and delicious.

And speaking of the bar, there’s an excellent selection of wines, too.

You should up and go. 


NOTE: Cafe Deco is open now. You can check out the website here, or on Instagram.

Café Deco | 43 Store Street, London, WC1E 7DB

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Cafe Deco

43 Store Street, Bloomsbury, WC1E 7DB

8.9 | Great