Notting Hill's Getting A Music-Heavy, Open Fire Restaurant

Caia, landing on Golborne Road this Spring, comes to us from a couple of crew at Fiend.

You could say their team is Fiend-ish.

But their CVs go way back before Chris Denney’s highly creative restaurant (which, it should be noted, is literally around the corner, less than 5 minutes walk away). Rishabh Vir has taken stints at both The Fat Duck and Kiln in Soho, while his business partner, Tim Lang, had a hand in both Street Feast & Dinerama. Basically, they’re not a pair of hapless neophytes.

The name they’ve choses is a reference to Caia Caecilia who was, as we all know, the Roman goddess of fire. And she’ll be there in the centre of the open kitchen, fueling the grill that everything will centre around. Surrounding that open kitchen will be space for around sixty ravenous diners at time (ten of whom will be able to sit overlooking the kitchen itself), with another floors-worth of seating above it all, too. And as a kicker, there’s going to be an intimate wine room in the back, with walls covered from floor-to-ceiling in bottle-filled racks, and a small table for a dozen people in the middle.

Menu details are a little scant at the moment (they say we can expect “a selection of seasonal dishes”, which narrows it down only slightly more than just saying “food”) but we can confidently predict that some stuff to be scorched on that lovely fire, so a few grilled fish, meats, and vegetables might not be out of the question. Going alongside it will be the “ferments, vinegars and preserves” which will likely help to cut though the flavours of those grilled dishes, too.

To drink, unless you happen to be in the wine room fantasising about plucking a bottle from the wall behind you, there’ll be a cocktail bar with something to suit your palate, with confirmed menu-fillers including the ‘Mi-To’, which is named after the birthplaces of its two ingredients: Campari (Milan) and Vermouth di Torino (Turin).

And saving maybe the best bit for last, underneath all of this will be the basement where you’ll find a Kuzma R record player with some Auditorium R-25 A speakers (which are amazing. We assume.). Not only will they be using the setup to play some first-rate vinyl curated by Stranger Than Paradise Records founder Noreen McShane, but there are also plans for guest DJ’s, listening parties, and live acoustic sessions.

Hear, hear.


NOTE: Caia is set to open in April 2022. We’ll be back then with the full scoop. In the meantime, you can find out more at their Insta right HERE

Caia | 46 Golborne Rd, W10 5PR

If you head down the road…  you’ll soon find Fiend.


46 Golborne Road, Notting Hill, W10 5PR

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