The Canvas Cafe

The Canvas Café | Spitalfields Cafe
By Parveen Downer

Introducing the vegan freakshake.

It’s proof that you can have your cake, and drink it too.

And the Canvas Cafe in Spitalfields is literally the first place in the world to nail them.

It’s understandable that it took this long, given that the 99% of a normal freakshake (if the word ‘normal’ can even apply here) is made from dairy, but they’ve cunningly replaced it all with coconut milk, banana, and almond milk ice creams, homemade cake, whipped coconut milk, and toppings like vegan Nutella and chopped pistachios.

They’re serving them all day at their comfy little Spitalfields cafe, and if you somehow still have room for it, they do food, too – from vegan bottomless brunches to home-made quesadillas, to-fish and chips, and falafel bowls.

Its independent status, pay-it-forward scheme, and committed social mission – from being London’s first ‘Happy Café’ to its involvement in local, grass-roots activism – means The Canvas Café is probably the most heart-warming place in London. Downstairs is a cosy event space, which plays host to everything from fan-fiction comedy nights to laughter yoga. There’s even a ‘cuttings’ wall, where you can bring in a plant cutting to swap with another.

Add in supperclub residencies, free wifi, a strong dash of Square Mile coffee, and walls you’re encouraged to scribble your thoughts on (hence the name “Canvas Café”), and you have the makings of a pretty excellent little spot.

The writing’s on the wall.


NOTE: The Canvas Café is open daily until 6pm. You can find out more, and see what’s on, HERE.

The Canvas Café | 42 Hanbury Street, E1 5JL

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The Canvas Cafe

42 Hanbury Street, Spitalfields, East London, E1 5JL
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