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Carlotta | Big Mamma Group Comes to Marylebone

The next big thing is here.

Carlotta, the latest maximalist trattoria from the famously extravagant & grandiose restaurateurs Big Mamma Group, is now open. And in case you haven’t happen upon them yet, true to their name, Big Mamma Group open big restaurants. Restaurants like Gloria, Circolo Popolare, Ave Mario, and their latest, Jacuzzi. Restaurants that manage to pack five eateries-worth of stuff into each venue. Restaurants that feature things like shelves lined with twenty thousand liquor bottles, or flower-covered ceilings, or bank vaults covered in mirrored segments to make them look like a giant disco ball. You half expect them to pour scorn on the very word ‘big’ simply because it only has three letters.

Carlotta dining room

You’ll find Carlotta (notice the letters ‘OTT’ in there?) in Marylebone. It’s actually the smallest of their venues with space for only a mere 150 diners, set across two gorgeously lavish floors. Up above, there’s the main dining area, with wine-red leather banquettes and glossily polished conker-brown wooden tables. The walls are adorned with old school wedding photos from the families of the staff themselves, and it’s all amped up with whit draped walls. Then, downstairs is the basement, witch switches to an altogether moodier tone thanks to midnight blue decor, and an ’80s mirror-striped curved ceiling.

A lobster at Carlotta

The menu brings an American style twist to its traditional Southern Italian charms. That means the likes of spaghetti & meatballs; seafood alla vodka; and a showstopper tableside fettuccine alfredo al tartufo. Then, the main courses include the likes of an entire 1kg descaled Cornish lobster, served whole and draped in a rich beurre blanc sauce dotted with beads of Venetian caviar; or a T -bone Fiorentina steak; and a plate-sized, provola-filled Chicken Parmigiana.

Then, to wash it all down, you can expect their usual parade of grandiloquent cocktails, and don’t expect them to be subtle.

But then, this is what the Big Mamma Group do.

They do big.


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NOTE: Carlotta is now open. You can find out more, and book a table, HERE.

Carlotta | 77-78 Marylebone High St, W1U 5JX

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77-78 Marylebone High Street, Marylebone, W1U 5JX

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