Carousel is Moving to Fitzrovia...

We saw a chameleon yesterday.

So it’s fair to say that it was a pretty terrible chameleon.

One thing it did have going for it, however, was that it encouraged us to reflect on how exciting it would be if there existed a restaurant capable of reinventing itself as easily and quickly as (talented) chameleons can.

And Carousel in Marylebone is that restaurant. Because not only does it perpetually reinvent itself with a new guest residency in the kitchen every few weeks, but it’s now pulling a top-to-bottom renaissance by moving its entire operation to Fitzrovia.

What to expect from the new digs? Well, for one the space is going to be bigger. In fact, it’s going to encompass three townhouses-worth of restaurant. There’ll still be the usual rotating residencies, only here the chef will have their own kitchen island in the centre of the dining area, so as to keep the spotlight where it should be. Added to that, there’s also going to be a smaller ‘incubator’, with just 10 seats, for the cutting-edge up-and-comers. And finally, there’s enough room for a permanent wine bar, with a permanent menu.

The move is happening in November, but in the meantime, here’s what they have coming up at the current venue…

Gonzalo Luzarraga | London
Chilean-born Gonzalo Luzarraga will be putting together a preview of his new project, Mater, which opens in London later this year. He’s worked at three-Michelin-star Louis XV in Monaco, where he trained under the beyond-legendary Alain Ducasse, and he’s since picked up two Stars of his own. It probably beats a Pret sandwich.

Toni Toivanen | Helsinki
Toni is one of those absurdly gifted, hard-working chefs who seems destined for greatness. He became head chef at two Michelin Star ‘Chez Dominque’ whilst still in his early twenties, then he oversaw the R&D kitchen at Noma. Here, he’s test-driven his Japanese concept Aki, soon to open.

Brad Carter | Birmingham
Carters of Moseley is one of Birmingham’s best restaurants, Brad Carter works with foraged goods native to the British isles, and pairs them up in usual and creative ways. Expect the likes of grouse, cherries and Wiltshire truffle in a multi-course tasting menu…

And after that? The Carousel keeps on turning…

NOTE: Carousel is set to move to Fitzrovia in November. You can reserve tables, book tickets and generally find out what’s happening at the current Marylebone venue by visiting its website… HERE.

ALSO NOTE: They have a talented pet chameleon in the building. Drinks on the house forever if you spot him.

Carousel | 71 Blandford Street, Marylebone, W1U 8AB


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