A Next-Level Mexican Chef is Opening Her Debut Restaurant In Marylebone

It seems strange to imagine, but 40 years ago London had no Mexican restaurants. 15 years ago, you’d be hard pressed to find a burrito. 10 years ago, the city finally discovered tacos.

We could go on. But long story short, it seems like it’s all been basically leading up to this moment: the opening of Adriana Cavita’s first restaurant.

She was born & raised in Mexico City, and has spent the last decade & a half honing her craft at some of the best restaurants on earth, including El Bulli (three Michelin Stars), Pujol (currently 12th on the World’s 50 Best list), and Aska (two Michelin Stars). This will be her first solo outing, and it’s going to capture both her incredible cooking skill, and her rich culinary heritage.

The space will be in Marylebone, where it’ll have a rustic, traditional feel, with exposed, roughly textured clay walls, plenty of greenery, and a bright smattering of colourful textiles. But the most pleasingly authentic detail will undoubtedly be the basement mezcaleria.


The food is going to be all classic Mexican, done to a ridiculously high standard. Expect things you’re likely familiar with – tacos al pastor with charred pineapple and presa Ibérica, for instance – and things you’re likely not familiar with, like Puerto Nuevo crispy fried lobster with ajillo sauce, or Mexican chocolate cake with honeycomb ice cream and cinnamon cream cheese.

Downstairs you’ll find that mezcaleria, Mayahuel, which will have a whole ton of agave hooch ready to go into either cocktails or shotglasses. They’re taking it quite seriously as a standalone bar, and it’s going to have its own separate entrance and its own separate menu too. Expect tuna tostadas, or toasted corn with bone marrow to go with your marg.

And the best bit? Cavita herself will be manning a chef’s table, where she’ll personally cook up feasts for the guests. It doesn’t open until November but, hell, we’ve waited 40 years for this.

A few more months won’t hurt.


NOTE: Cavita is due to open in February 2022. We’ll be back then with the full scoop. In the meantime, you can find out more, and make an advance reservation at their website right HERE.

Cavita | 56 Wigmore St, W1U 2RZ

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56 Wigmore St, Marylebone, W1U 2RZ

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