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Champagne + Fromage

Champagne + Fromage

Champagne + Fromage
By Parveen Downer

Fermented, sparkling grape juice and well-aged milk…

…doesn’t sound as nice as Champagne and Fromage.

Adorned with mismatched vintage chairs and tables, the rustic yet classy ambience at this mini-chain of deli/restaurants is sure to tickle your fancy whilst you sip a flute of their 25+ growers’ Champagnes (that’s Champagne made by the same people who own the vineyard. It’s alarmingly rare.).

You can have any of their over 50 French cheeses any which way you please: sliced, baked, in a tartine, on a wooden board, with a fox, or in a box (well, not one of those…). Not in the mood for cheese? They also offer delectable ‘oeuf cocotte’ (egg baked in a ramekin) and delicious French onion soup. For ‘la fin parfait’ you can choose from champagne sorbet, French baked goods to the tune of chocolate fondant, apple tartlette, or champagne and raspberry tiramisu.

They have regular Champagne & cheese tasting evenings in their Covent Garden branch, and as the semi-metaphorical cherry on top? They act as a deli, too.

So you can buy it all to take chez vous. 

NOTE: Champagne + Fromage is open seven days a week. Visit any of the three locations – Covent Garden, Brixton Village, or Greenwich – or check them out online HERE.

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Champagne + Fromage

Champagne + Fromage Covent Garden, 22 Wellington Street, Covent Garden, Central London, WC2E 7DD


7.5 / 10

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