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Chicama Chelsea | Chelsea Restaurant 

There’s an old Peruvian proverb that goes,

“You can’t catch trout without wetting your feet”.

But the Peruvians who said that obviously didn’t know about Chicama, a place where you can effortlessly reel in fresh fish delivered from Cornwall each day – enjoying a Peruvian-inspired seafood menu in the process – without even dampening a toe.

 Chicama has all the charms of its sister restaurant Pachamama, and then some. With a colour palette lifted straight out of a Wes Anderson film, the whole restaurant evokes a sense of coastal tranquility that provides its diners with a backdrop of intense flavouring which would – if you were standing in it – blow you right out of the water.

The menu here features Peruvian and Japanese influences sitting side by side. It’s the sort of place where you might just as easily order a dish with matcha milk, as ceviche-drenching Tiger’s milk. Following starters like popped corn monkfish cheeks and mushroom gyoza, you can opt for grilled fish of the day, or just a few small plates to share… which would be wise, considering that options include BBQ baby beets, scallops with apple miso, and blackened octopus served with smoked cheese.

And – of course – you’re going to be washing all of this down with a little something from Chicama’s excellent wine list, or from its carefully-curated collection of pisco and mezcal cocktails and Japanese sakes.

 See, they want to whet your appetite…

….not your feet.

NOTE: Chicama is now open.  You can make a reservation either on their website HERE, or by calling 020 3874 2000.

Chicama | 383 King’s Rd, London SW10 0LP

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383 King's Road, Chelsea, West London, SW10 0LP
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8 / 10

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