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Chicken Shop

Chicken Shop

Chicken Shop | Kentish Town Restaurant

These days, opening a Chicken Shop is a pretty bad idea.

Because chickens – and it seems so obvious with hindsight – have neither the requirement nor the means to purchase very much.

Fortunately, however, Kentish Town’s new Chicken Shop is different: its turned the traditional model on its head and is now serving chicken… to people.

Located next to Dirty Burger and underneath the new Pizza East, you’ll pass through a rickety street level door and descend the staircase into an intimate, wood-heavy, candlelit 1950’s-style diner/speakeasy.  It’s all polished wood, metal pillars and soft, industrial lighting:  bona fide date territory, where you can either take a table or perch on a swiveling stool at the long chef-facing counter.

Fully embracing London’s paradox of choice-busting, ‘no menu’ trend, options at Chicken Shop are limited: the food is fowl.

Specifically, whole free-range Norfolk chicken marinated in a secret sauce and then rotisserie-grilled. There are three portion sizes on offer – quarter, half and whole – which come served with a choice of crinkle cut chips,‘slaw, avocado salad and corn on the cob.

There’s also a simple choice of wines – house, decent or good – and an equally simple choice of classic desserts: brownies, cheesecake or apple pie with vanilla ice-cream.

And soon chickens will be flying out of the door too, courtesy of a takeaway option…

Chicken Shop 79 Highgate Road, Kentish Town, London NW5


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Chicken Shop

79 Highgate Road, Kentish Town, Kentish Town, North West London,
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