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City Social

City Social | Liverpool Street Restaurant

Last Updated: 6th November 2019

The sexiest London date spots come in two flavours.

“Underground”. And “Really High Up”.

This is true because:

1) The very definition of intimacy – at least according to our dictionary, which we just wrote – is “The result of two people residing in a little world of their own making”, and

2) It becomes proportionately easier to create your own little world the further away you can get from all of the deadbeats hanging out at street level.

Speaking of which, allow us to introduce you to City Social: an elevated restaurant and bar located halfway up Tower 42 which has just firmly tossed its hat into the “sexy, sky-high date spots with ridiculous views of London” ring. As part of chef Jason Atherton’s growing collection of restaurants which have the word “Social” in their name, this place has a lot going for it. Like a late night bar; big views of The City (from a height that allows you to appreciate London’s skyline without risking a nosebleed) and – contributing to that seductive, romantic vibe – a larger version of the mirrored ceiling that features in the opening scene of Basic Instinct.

The one that combines creepy music with writhing bodies and an ice pick.

City Social

Being located in the heart of the Square Mile, the main restaurant here – which serves dishes like Cotswolds chicken and Madeira terrine with grilled sourdough; Valrhona chocolate mousse; and beef fillet with duck fat chips – ain’t cheap. However there’s also the option of enjoying a less formal menu – from oysters with dashi, melon and yuzu to smoked pork empanadas and burgers – in the equally nice bar. Which is handy, because this also happens to be where you can order cocktails like the ‘Jelly Jolly Mint’ (with gin, Lillet blanc and caviar of mint gel) and ‘One More’ (with vodka, blood orange, vanilla syrup, egg yolk, smoked marshmallow and Champagne).

In summary, there are lots of restaurants in London that you can take a date to in the hope of getting lucky. But a better option is to make your own luck.

By bringing them here.


NOTE: City Social is open 12-2.30pm & 6-10.30pm Mon-Fri, and 5-10.30pm on Saturdays. You can reserve a table online HERE.

City Social | Tower 42, 25 Old Broad Street, EC2N 1HQ

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City Social

Tower 42, 25 Old Broad Street, Liverpool Street, The City, EC2N 1HQ

020 7877 7703

8.2 | Great