Coal Office

King’s cross.

Probably because he never had a restaurant from legendary chef Assaf Granit, the man behind The Palomar and The Barbary.

It’s understandable, really.

Well, now the former restaurant wilderness has exactly that, and as a kicker, it’s been designed by none other than Tom Dixon. In fact, it’s in his London headquarters at the new Coal Drops Yard development (alongside Barrafina, Casa Pastor and The Drop), with a dinky rooftop terrace right by the canal.

coal office outdoor seating

That space is, believe it or not, typically Tom Dixoney with millimetre-perfect exposed fittings sitting alongside gleaming translucent silver lampshades polished so finely they almost look liquid. And as a bonus? All of the tableware is available to buy from the attached Tom Dixon shop.

As for Assaf Granit’s role in this whole deal, well, he’s creating even prettier things to put onto that tableware thanks to his typically inventive Middle Eastern menu, run day-to-day by head chef Nitai Shevach. It’s broken up into:


The starters at Coal Office range from classics like their Fattoush Salad (also available at The Palomar – “we tried not to”, they apologise on the menu), to more original numbers like Kingfish sashimi with ginger vinaigrette, or a ‘Josperized’ aubergine with green tahini & pistachio. Then there are the-


These slightly-larger-but-not-too-large dishes include baked bone marrow shawarma, and Kade, which are Kurdish savoury pastries filled with warm feta. And finally-

Coal Office


The heftier bellyfillers include the likes of a seabass with couscous and pumpkin butter; beef fillet with black chickpea stew & poached egg; and freekeh risotto with green wheat & skordilia cream. Which, for those wondering, is a Greek purée made with garlic, potatoes, and nuts.

There are of course desserts, including a chocolate cardamom coffee tart, or some fig leaf ice cream (yes, fig leaf) and they’ve got arak & cocktails to wash it all down. Annnd, just as an almost literal cherry on top, they’ll happily share recipes for anything you eat/drink there.

In short, it’s one most kings would want to cross off their list.


NOTE: Coal Office is currently open as a fresh food grocery but will be re-opening for dining al fresco from 12th April. They’ll be open for dinner daily, plus lunch on weekends. You can reserve by emailing⁠. Find out more on their website right HERE.

Coal Office | 2 Bagley Walk, Coal Drops Yard, N1C 4PQ

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Coal Office

2 Bagley Walk, King's Cross, N1C 4PQ
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