Hattie Lloyd 08/09/17


Brixton’s Courtesan has had a makeover.

And now, after some significant replastering, carpentry and upholstery, the dim sum restaurant’s ready to fling open the doors and flaunt its brand new menu and slick refurb. Here’s how it breaks down:


Walk in, and you’ll find a glamorous dim sum and tea parlour, decked out with jade velvet booths and silk lanterns suspended from the ceiling. Here, they’re serving up traditional dim sum and other Cantonese dishes, but with ingredients and influences from around the world – so don’t be surprised when you find Gujurati-spiced pumpkin in turmeric-infused bao, or jerk chicken served in a lotus leaf parcel. After that, you’ll be ready to head –



Descend the neon-lit, sayagata-patterned staircase, and you’ll find yourself in an intimate cabaret club and drinking den, inspired by 1920s Shanghai nightclubs. There’s velvet banquettes underneath prints of vintage erotica, and a sleek cocktail bar serving up drinks with an oriental twist, laced with lapsang souchong tea and poppy liqueur. It’s here that they host their late night entertainment, from cabaret and burlesque to live jazz nights and DJ sets.

Just to put a new spin on things.


NOTE: Courtesan is open daily from noon (6pm Tuesdays) till late. You can reserve a table, and find out more, on their website HERE.

Courtesan | 69-73 Atlantic Road, SW9 8PU

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69-73 Atlantic Road, Brixton, South London, SW9 8PU


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