Craft London | Understatedly Grandiose Modern British Cuisine

Craft London

Craft London

Craft London | Greenwich Restaurant & Bar

No time for witty introduction.

Too much to say. Too many ice creams to eat.

This regards Craft London, three levels of understatedly grandiose Modern British and internationally-influenced Greenwich cafe / restaurant / bar which comes to you courtesy of chef Stevie Parle (PalatinoRotorino) and industrial designer, Tom Dixon.

Do go. Because:

There’s a cafe downstairs where they roast their own regularly-rotating blend of coffee. Perfect for taking outside in to the 30sq metres of peninsula gardens designed by Alys Fowler, where you can peruse the date trees, bee hives, and the kitchen’s outdoor smokehouse before lounging under the setting sun in preparation for your restaurant reservation.

About that reservation. It’ll be in the main restaurant, where you may (or may not) spot a giant fireplace; a room dedicated solely to meat-curing; a vegetable-fermenting cellar; a meat smoker; a giant wood grill rotisserie; and Stevie Parle. Dishes on the menu – all of which use locally sourced ingredients from independent farmers – include galloway sirloin with marrowbone bread sauce and lovage liquor, wood-grilled scallops with anchovy fritters and cauliflower; and for dessert, cardamom bun ice cream with pepper crumb and wild strawberries.

About those wild strawberries. You won’t find them in the upstairs cocktail bar, which – instead of strawberries – contains 360° views through floor to ceiling windows; an outdoor balcony; polished blue concrete floors; a pewter-topped centrepiece bar, where cocktails like Gnarled Negronis, Cutty Sarks and Lavender Air Mails can be ordered; and a carpet on the roof…

Couple of cocktails in, you’ll be dancing on the ceiling.

NOTE: You can reserve a table online right HERE, or simply walk in. For any further queries, questions or enquiries, please email

Craft London | 1 Green Place, Peninsula Square, Greenwich, SE10 0PE

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Craft London

1 Green Place, Peninsula Square, Greenwich, East London, SE10 0SQ
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8.5 / 10

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