Darjeeling Express at The Pembroke


Jason Allen 23/08/22

Darjeeling Express x The Pembroke

Darjeeling Express has closed temporarily while it looks for bigger premises…

…so to fill the gap between stations, it’s popping up in a pub.

That pub is The Pembroke on the Old Brompton Road, where it’ll be hanging around for a few months, from the 24th August until the end of November. And sure, the end of November might sound like it’s a long way away, and you may think that there’ll be plenty of chances to get a table. But this is Darjeeling Express, one of the most explosively popular restaurants in the city, and by proxy, the country (and by double-proxy, Europe). So if you want to get a table, you’ll need to book as soon as humanely possible. Do that here.

For anyone still reading, furrowing their brow in puzzlement, and wondering just what makes this place so special, allow us to regale you with an extremely brief summary of the story: Asma Khan first started Darjeeling Express as a supperclub out of her home. Vivek Singh liked it so much, he offered to host it in his restaurant. Fay Maschler liked that so much, she effectively sold out her next residency, at a Soho pub. And the general public fawned enough to get her a standalone restaurant in Kingly Court. And it was at this point that the Netflix Show, Chef’s Table, profiled her, and propelled her to global fame.

Which brings us to the present moment, when the place’s popularity among celebrities & punters alike means it has literally became too big to fit into its own home. Hence the larger digs, and hence the pop up, which is serving the same regional Indian dishes that caused all the fuss in the first place. Expect Bengali prawn Malaikari, Hyderbadi slow-cooked beef Tamatar Gosht, black chickpea Kala Channa from Punjab, and much, much more.

We can’t express how good it all is.


NOTE: Darjeeling Express will be popping up at The Pembroke from 24th August until November 30th. You can find out more at their website here, and book a table right here.

The Pembroke | 261 Old Brompton Rd, SW5 9JA

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Darjeeling Express x The Pembroke

The Pembroke, 261 Old Brompton Rd, Chelsea, West London, SW5 9JA
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