Dragon Inn Club

The lights at the Dragon Inn Club are set pretty low.

Clearly, they decided to dim sum.

It all adds to the moodily effective atmosphere are you enter, which – given that it appears to be a pub from the outside – is no mean feat.

Head further in to either of its two floors, and you’ll find yourself immersed in a world of bamboo, incense, rough timber poles, ceramic sculptures, and a whole lot of stone – this is not one of those regional Chinese restaurants that trades in subtle nods to heritage. It dives right in, and sets the tone for,


Being a Sichuan restaurant, the menu is tapestry of heat, with searingly hot chillies casually thrown into virtually every dish, with the notable exception of their seafood & vegetable dim sum – other starters include the delicious French corn-fed chicken dressed in chilli oil, served cold with delicate leaves of cabbage.

Dragon Inn Club

Larger dishes range from lobster with Sichuan chilli & herbs, to double-cooked pork belly with leeks & spices, and wild mushrooms served in a stone bowl with silky egg tofu. But the real showstopper here is the one you cook yourself. We are of course talking about,


Built into the tables, you’ll find a huge cooking pot (partitioned into 2/3 sections) which they’ll fill with hot broths – including the benignly light chicken & spring onion, or the slightly fiercer Sichuan chilli – into which you can stir a cornucopia of ingredients handed to you on platters; everything from scallops, to wagyu beef, to vegetables, and more. Just make sure to take everything out before it gets overcooked.

You wouldn’t want to land in hot water with your dining companions.


NOTE: The Dragon Inn Club is open for lunch and dinner, Monday-Sunday. You can find out more and book a table at their website right HERE.

Dragon Inn Club | 16 Upper Tachbrook Street, SW1V 1SH

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Dragon Inn Club

16 Upper Tachbrook Street, Victoria, Central London, SW1V 1SH
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020 7821 0105

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