Jason Allen 10/02/23

Dumpling Shack London Fields

Sichuan Fry x Dumpling Shack London Fields | Bricks-and-Mortar Spot for Cult Dumplings

Excellent news:

Dumpling Shack is now dumpling permanent restaurant.

The Shack has lived a long and lauded life as a food stall in Spitalfields Market run by John & Yee Li, who serve noodle-addled throngs every day. People love it. So much so, that when the couple decided to open their fried chicken offshoot Sichuan Fry, lines literally formed around the block to try it. Now, they’ve finally gone permanent, with a two-for-one-space in which both brands have taken up residence in the same double-floor venue just off London Fields.

Dumpling Shack

That space is small & spartan, but it does the job. The bar is made of simple wood chip boarding, and the wall is dressed in colourful Chinese cartoon characters, but you’re not here for a three-course meal. You’re here for some of the best fast casual Chinese food in the city. On the dumping menu you can expect classics like their signature Pork Pan Fried Soup Dumplings (a.k.a shengjianbao, which are ballooning with piping hot soup), as well as prawn wontons in chilli oil, spicy beef Dan Dan noodles, and their wonderfully crispy spring onion pancakes.

Then, there’s the Sichuan Fry half of the operation, where they’re serving their fried chicken in all its spicy glory. There are classic chicken sandwiches with smacked pickles & mala-spiced honey sauce all wrapped in a brioche bun; fried chicken rice bowls with soy eggs; crispy panko aubergine sandwiches; blistered garlic green beans; and more.

You can pick your spice level too, starting with ‘none’ and running through to the tongue-immolating ‘Super Sichuan Scorcher’…

…and getting that is an act of wonton bravery.


NOTE: Dumpling Shack x Sichuan Fry is open now, Tuesday to Saturday. There are no bookings. You can find out more at their website right HERE.

Dumpling Shack London Fields | 2 Westgate St, E8 3RN

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Dumpling Shack London Fields

2 Westgate St, London Fields, E8 3RN

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