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Ember Yard

Ember Yard | Mediterranean-style tapas on an open fire in Soho

Ember Yard.

It’s gotten glowing reviews.

And since it opened in 2014, it’s deserved every one, mainly thanks to the steady hand of the Salt Yard Group, whose Spanish & Italian-style tapas joints haven’t seemed to put a foot wrong yet. And to keep that fire stoked, they’ve given the place a complete refurb, from the ground up, re-jigging the space, the menu, and even the head chef.

Starting with the space, it’s a two floor Soho venue with a restaurant upstairs, and a cocktail bar downstairs. Since the refurb everything looks just a little bit sleeker, with industrial-vibe slate grey walls, moodily low lighting, and deeply hued banquette seating.

Like the other Salt Yard outfits, they serve Mediterranean-style tapas – but the ember-laden twist here is that they’ve installed a huge, custom-made, wood-burning grill upon which to scorch & smoke it all. They even go so far as to list the current, single-species wood they’re burning your food over on the day’s menu.

Of course, the menu lists a few other things as well. They’ve enlisted the help of all-new head chef Christian Parisi, an alumni of all three of the other restos in the group portfolio: Dehesa, Opera Tavern and Salt Yard. Here, he’s cooking up barbecued whole seabream with classic Basque vinaigrette; a hefty venison fillet with fermented black garlic puree and broccoli; some tomato & wine braised squid with cannellini beans; and a cravenly sweet dulce de leche cheesecake with blackcurrant & carrot caramel.

The drinks are, surprise, all new too, and take a very smokey leaf out of the kitchen’s book. Among others, you can expect a Smoky Daiquiri (smoke infused rum, amontillado sherry & lime juice) and Vintage Negroni with blends smoked campari, with gin, antica formula, grilled orange & smoked ice. Yes, smoked ice.

You should be pretty stoked.


NOTE: Ember Yard is open now. You can find out more and book a table right HERE.

Ember Yard | 60-61 Berwick Street, London W1F 88X

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Ember Yard

60-61 Berwick Street, Soho, Central London, W1F 88X

0207 439 8057

8.0 | Great