Evelyn’s Table

Evelyn’s Table

Evelyn’s Table | Soho Restaurant

Welcome to Evelyn’s Table.

The good news is – by virtue of being one of the few reservable spots in Soho – it can be your table, too.

You’ll have to be quick, of course, because the entire restaurant is but a single, horseshoe-shaped marble bar, seating up to eleven voyeurs around the bustling open kitchen.

Its diminutive scale is necessitated by the fact that it’s crouched in the renovated wine cellar beneath 250 year old pub, The Blue Posts, and represents the final part of the inn’s restoration into a three storey palace of food and wine by the folks behind vaunted restaurants The Palomar and The Barbary.

Unlike their other spots, however, these seats can be booked, while half are left aside every night for walk-ins. Which, should you need to wait for a table, gives you the perfect excuse to survey the top-floor bar, The Mulwray, and its refined cocktail list first, to whet your appetite for the rare wines from small-scale producers they’ve picked out for Evelyn’s.

Named after Faye Dunaway’s character in the film Chinatown, the intimate chef’s table space shares the same elegant, beautifully designed aesthetic as the two floors above, with the marble dining counter surrounded by muted walls, and topped by retro brass lamps, and smart, bespoke plates… The latter of which you’re handed directly by the chefs in the snug kitchen space, who dutifully top them with combinations like polenta bramata with Mammole artichoke; cuttlefish ragout; Brussels sprouts with oyster sauce and sesame; and rock salt filled with beef and bone marrow. The roughly ten-strong selection is seasonally influenced and, as such, switches up daily. But you can rest assured that whatever you’re served will be unfailingly delicious, being, as it is, designed and rustled up by the Barbary’s head chef himself.

That’s right, it’s Nacho Pinilla.

It’s Evelyn’s. 


NOTE: Evelyn’s Table is open Mon-Sat, 5-11pm from February 8th. Bookings are now open on their website right HERE.

Evelyn’s Table | Below The Blue Posts, 28 Rupert Street, W1D 6DJ

Look, Xu’s just next door…

Evelyn’s Table

28 Rupert Street, Soho, Central London, W1D 6DJ


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