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Fish, Wings & Tings

Fish, Wings & Tings | Caribbean Nouvelle Cuisine

Dishing up something downright magical in Brixton is Fish, Wings & Tings, a lively, community-focused Caribbean straddling the edge of Brixton Village.

It comes to us from Trinidadian-born Brian Danclair, a chef and restauranteur who draws his inspiration from his grandmother Valentina (also a gifted chef and a woman known for expressing her love both for her family and her community through the making of a meal). Brian decided to leave his hometown of Port au Spain for Washington DC aged just nineteen, where he then went on to train mostly in French Provençal cooking, working under big name chefs like Yannick Cam and Jean-Louis Paladi. It was also during this time that Brian worked to carve out his own culinary niche: ‘Nouvelle Caribbean cuisine’. Essentially he took all of his learning around Nouvelle French cuisine and applied it to the regional Caribbean cooking he grew up with. Which is exactly what you’ll find at Fish, Wings & Tings, except, this time, using locally-sourced British produce.

Fish, Wings and Tings

The food menu as it stands is broken down into two parts: Small Tings and Large Tings. (Simples.) Small Tings include the likes of codfish fritters with a ginger and lime aioli, or reggae wings with a pineapple and mango chutney. Big Tings on the other hand are more main course-y. For instance mutton roti with string beans, pumpkin, chickpeas & potatoes, and kuchela (a traditional, Trinidadian, hot mango relish); or jerk chicken with tamarind BBQ sauce, rice & peas, coleslaw, and, again, a pineapple and mango chutney on the side.

Drinks on the other hand are split out a little more peculiarly: Soft Tings and Hard Tings….. Well, yea. Although essentially they include all of the best Caribbean classics like Ting, Ting and rum, homemade ginger beer and rum, andddd rum punch. Oh and a couple of traditional Trinidadian beers thrown in for good measure.

Fish, Wings and Tings

And if all that’s not titillating enough, it’s all available alfresco too. In fact, Fish, Wings & Tings is exclusively alfresco – a smattering of no frills trestle tables and benches spilling out onto the surrounding streets. Which as you can imagine, come sunshine…

…is pretty magical.


NOTE: Fish, Wings & Tings is open Tuesday-Sunday, 12-10pm, and there are no bookings. For more information, visit their website here

Fish, Wings & Tings | 3 Granville Arcade, Brixton Village, Coldharbour Lane, SW9 8PR

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Fish, Wings & Tings

Granville Arcade, Brixton Village, Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, SW9 8PR

0207 737 4888

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