Hattie Lloyd 20/04/22

Flat Earth Pizza

There are a lot of Flat Earth believers out there…

…as evidenced by the pizza outfit’s fresh upgrade from pop-up to permanent, on the site where it all started in Cambridge Heath.

Flat Earth Pizza was founded by Sarah Brading and Rich Baker (in what we hope, for his sake, will be a real case of nominative determinism) back in their canalboat kitchen. The idea was to create pizza that was made with sustainably grown and sourced ingredients, that provided a counterpoint to the same old tired flavour combinations and made something that was ultimately better for the planet, and ourselves, in the process.

In summary: pizza that is pretty much good for you.

Fast-forward a few years, and they’ve cut the rope on their first bricks-and-mortar eatery: a light and airy spot on Cambridge Heath Road with floor-to-ceiling windows; colourful, hand-painted abstract murals that reference their ingredients; and bottles stacked on shelves painted in the electric blue that we are rapidly beginning to suspect is the only possible partner to natural wines (we’re looking at you, Planque, Sohaila). The coffee counter running through the heart of the space houses their espresso machine for freshly brewed Climpson; and behind, you’ll spot a line of taps that are hooked up to refill kegs from Borough Wines (reducing the carbon footprint of your glass of vino by 96%, incidentally).

Now that they’re all grown up, the menu extends beyond just pizza here. Open all day, things kick off with green eggs, shakshuka and kimchi & cheddar toasties in the morning before getting down to the main event: pizzas laden with sweet pickled beetroot, cheese & jalapeños; Szechuan cauliflower with hummus & melty vegan mozzarella; and chestnut mushroom with toasted walnuts & pesto. A couple of toppings are even reworked into side dishes to share for a less gluten-heavy experience.

Staying true to their artisanal ethos, they still make their dough using organic, heritage grain; and source their veg from local community gardens dotted around London. They’re genuinely earning all the green cred: ‘tops and tails’ from veg that would otherwise be chucked are made into crust dipping sauces, any unused veg gets fermented, and anything that’s possibly left over after that is sent off with ReFood to be made into fertiliser for urban farms.

Meaning their pizzas, while they may technically look more oblong…

…are actually pretty circular.


NOTE: Flat Earth Pizza is open Tuesday-Sunday. You can find out more, and book a table, HERE.

Flat Earth Pizza | 286-290 Cambridge Heath Road, London, E2 9DA

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Flat Earth Pizza

286-290 Cambridge Heath Road, London Fields, E2 9DA

020 7998 6556

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