Flat Iron Waterloo

Flat Iron Waterloo is founder Charlie Carroll’s 10th steakhouse in London.

You have to give him his props, maybe even whisper ‘well-done’…

Because thanks to him and his team, it’s no longer rare to find a place in the capital that does excellent steak at a price that won’t make you quiver with fear – we’re talking about, of course, the sole, domineering item on the menu that comes in at a mere £14 quid, the feather blade cut of flat iron steak – reared directly from their private herd of cattle out near North Yorkshire. It’s here as the centrepiece again, along with all the unsung heroes that you can get for extra on the side; homemade beef dripping chips, crispy bone marrow garlic mash and creamed spinach.

Flat Iron Waterloo

Before speeding too far ahead, we probably should mention where Flat Iron Waterloo actually is: opposite The Young Vic,  halfway between Waterloo and Southwark tubes, and fittingly on The Cut. The look they’re shooting for inside is a mix of old butcher shop and traditional dining room, accentuated with a few design touches straight out of the Flat Iron playbook like Victorian tiling, oak tables and vintage furniture. There’s also a private dining room (suitable for ten) equipped with its own generously-sized terrace, in case you had the clever idea of hosting an intimate birthday here.

While the main menu is the same as it ever was – for good reason – keep a close eye on what turns up on the specials board as it’s nailed on to be something pretty, err, special; maybe the chilli cheese burger that head of beef (yes, that’s his title) Fred Smith conjures up using the meat from their North Yorkshire cattle, or perhaps bavette from Scotland or a glamour cut like sirloin. As for the elephant in the room, the vegetarians… this definitely isn’t their territory but the roast aubergine with tomato, basil, mozzarella (that can be ordered as a main), signature cocktails and the ice cream means that if your partner is meat-averse, it’s not a completely evil move to bring them here. And about that ice cream: it’s a homemade Tahitian vanilla soft serve that they make with caramelised Bordier butter and embellish with chocolate shavings. They actually offer it you for free at the end of the meal.

It’s a sweet deal.


NOTE: Flat Iron Waterloo is open seven days a week; Sun-Tues (12-10pm), Wed-Thu (12-11pm) and Fri-Sat (12-11.30pm). Fortunately, they take bookings and you can do that right HERE.

Flat Iron Waterloo | 41-45 The Cut, SE1 8LF

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Flat Iron Waterloo

41-45 The Cut, Waterloo, SE1 8LF

8.0 | Great