Flat Iron x The Winemakers Club | Steak & wine, together at last

Flat Iron x The Winemakers Club

Flat Iron x The Winemakers Club

Flat Iron x The Winemakers Club | Steak & wine, together at last

Two things you should know before going to Flat Iron’s collaboration with The Winemakers Club:

1) Flat Iron aren’t serving flat iron steaks.

2) The Winemakers Club don’t actually make wine.

But these are, if anything, just quirks of nomenclature. Because after more than half a dozen other venues, the meat merchants are taking their core offering up a notch, and they’ve partnered up with one of the best teams to do it with.

The space they’ve chosen is a stone’s throw from Liverpool Street, and it introduces itself with a large festoon-lit awning. Inside the front door is the bar area lined floor-to-ceiling with wine, and bar itself topped with a miniature bathtub full of chilling bottles, a boulder-sized chunk of crystal-clear ice for cocktails, and an elaborate machine designed to decant pricey bottles of wine at the perfect pace.

Flat Iron x The Winemakers Club

The main seating area is set almost underground down a small flight of steps; a few slivers of daylight carved out of the wall where it meets the ceiling reinforce the glow from the pendant lights dangling over simple wooden furnishings. On the opposite side of the room, they’ve parked a dozen blackboards showcasing elements from a different bottle of wine each – the producer, the soil type, the harvest, the ageing process, the fermentation, everything.

As for that new core offering? Here, it’s a set menu only. Your choice is limited to whether or not you want dessert (you do) and you’ll get a tender bavette steak, beef dripping chips, side salad, and housemade bernaise for £18 all-in. And that dessert is a Cru Virunga chocolate mousse with Amarena cherries, served with as much double cream poured over it as you’d like.

Flat Iron x The Winemakers Club

The wine list is understandably quite long, and is curated by the Winemakers Club, who’ve been doing this for 15 years and are particularly keen to champion the lesser-known vineyards & varietals. There bottles are all charged at a flat-rate markup, making them frequently extremely reasonable for the quality, and a glass of the house red is £6. And of course, there are cocktails (barrel aged negronis, blood orange old fashioned, etc.) and a Flat Iron lager for those who like to stick to tradition.

NOTE: Flat Iron x The Winemakers Club is open daily for lunch and dinner. There are no bookings. You can find out more at their website right HERE.


Flat Iron x The Winemakers Club | 19 Bevis Marks, EC3A 7JA

In central? Then head to Flat Iron Covent Garden

Flat Iron x The Winemakers Club

19 Bevis Marks, Liverpool Street, The City, EC3A 7JA
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